Para Sa Kanya

Sa una ako ay may pagtataka
Pagkatao mo ay ‘di maipinta
Bawat kilos ay hindi mawari
Para bang may kinukubli

Nagdaan ang maraming mga araw
Damdamin ay unti-unting napukaw
Iba man sa mga nakasanayan
Pero wala na ‘kong pag-aalinlangan

Hindi man buo ang pagkakakilala
Meron namang malalim na pang-unawa
Kahit minsan ay naguguluhan
Hangad ko pa rin ang iyong kaligayahan

Hindi alam kung saan ito patungo
Hindi alam kung ang bukas ay sigurado
Makasarili man ang naisin
Ang nais ay ipagpatuloy pa rin

Sa una ako ay may pagtataka
Ngunit ngayon ay nagbago na
Hindi man alam kung saan makakarating
Salamat dahil ikaw ay dumating

*para kay G

Hidden Chapter


They say that we all have a chapter in life we do not read aloud, a secret chapter, a chapter we do not want other people to know, or something like that.

Well, I can only speak for myself because I do have that chapter. A chapter I do not read aloud, not because I do not want other people to know, but because I am not ready yet.

It is not a bad chapter, I promise you. It’s just that this quite feels new to me.

The story is not perfect, of course. It is far from perfect. But it’s full of lessons. It is not a love story. But it is a story about finding and giving love. Flawed but hopeful. Realistic. Beautiful.

I do not know if this chapter will eventually end. I hope not. Because while everything in the future is uncertain, I am definitely certain that I do not want this hidden chapter of mine to end. I certainly want this hidden chapter to be read aloud, to be shared to the world.

Perhaps, someday I will be able to tell this chapter, his chapter. When I am ready, when he is ready…

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2017 Photo Diary

Hi folks!

This is a long overdue post. lol Last February 11, my cousin Isabel and I went to Clark, Pampanga for the 21st Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Festival.

We arrived at the Freeport Zone at around 4 AM, if I remember it correctly, found a spot to wait on, and watched aerobatic exhibitions, paragliding, and of course, witnessed hot air balloons float. Then, we roamed around the numerous booths and had our brunch. We were supposed to go to Sandbox, but due to time constraints, we weren’t able to do so. Probably, next time. 🙂

After Pampanga, we went to UP Town Center to have our dinner.

Here are the pictures from the event…
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26 Random Birthday Thoughts

  1. Today is my birthday. 26 years of living and affecting.
  2. I have changed a lot, and is still changing, growing into someone worth enjoying the gift of life.
  3. Some people think I am strong. But I am not. Jesus is my strength.
  4. Sometimes it’s hard when you know your worth and everything around you falls short of your standards.
  5. I will not be afraid to cut toxic people from my life.
  6. I will continue to serve the Lord.
  7. They say that being single means finding and knowing yourself. Well, I already know me. Thank you very much.
  8. I pray that this year will be the year I will meet the right man for me- a man whose heart is after God’s.
  9. I don’t know what is happening in our country. Seriously, what is wrong with everyone?
  10. Life can be difficult at times but we hold on and move forward. That’s what we do.
  11. I used to want to be great, but now I find contentment in being happy with the people I love, and in serving the Lord.
  12. Where did BPI guy go?
  13. I am close to giving up on this one particular person. I’ve been praying for this person and I don’t think God wants me to let go. Not yet anyway. It’s getting difficult though.
  14. I hope I’ll have the energy to declutter and reorganize my room.
  15. I will be really ruthless in culling things.
  16. I hope I’ll be brave enough to travel alone. Soon though. Soon.
  17. The last time I celebrated my birthday was when I turned 18. The next years were just like ordinary days.
  18. I am not a birthday person. Obviously.
  19. I want to sleep.
  20. But I also want to read a book.
  21. Not knowing the future sometimes scares me. But Isaiah 50:10b.
  22. Success in ministry, career and love life- top 3 birthday wishes.
  23. It’s not easy to love a difficult person. Hah!
  24. I am nothing without Jesus.
  25. Everyone wished for my love life. Lol Same folks, same.
  26. I am hungry again.

Not Meant To Stay


I used to not know where I stand. I used to be unsure of what we are to each other. But I had this moment of clarity- that some people are meant to cross our paths, but are not meant to stay.

We will soon bid goodbye. I know, because we are already drifting apart. But it’s okay. The hole in my chest will heal in time. And in the future, I will remember you and think of our memories- both happy and sad. Yes, even the sad ones, because they too make us.

So here are the things I am going to do… I will enjoy each moment we have, each moment we can spare to be together, no matter how short that time is. I will continue to embrace your flaws. I will continue to listen to you during your bad days. I will be here while we still have our time.

I will not get mad when you don’t answer. I will not get anxious when you’re distant. I won’t question you anymore, because I have accepted that you will not stay. I will give you my love, not because I want to receive the same love but because you deserve it.

We may not know now why we met in the first place, why the world conspired for us to cross paths. But I know that we are life lessons to each other. Like in a book, we are instruments to each other’s character development. And for that, I am grateful no matter how short our time will be.

What I really want to say is, it is okay if you think our time is already up. It is okay to leave. It is okay to say goodbye. You don’t need to make any excuses. Just tell me the truth and go. Remember, I already know that you are not meant to stay.

Bullet Journal Setup 2017

Hi folks!

I want to show you guys my bullet journal setup for 2017. I was introduced to bullet journaling in 2015, I think, through Tumblr. I did enjoy this method of journaling/planning but somehow fell out of it because it can be quite tedious.

This year though, I want to do it again but I decided to have a minimalist approach to it. Hopefully, I will be able to stick to it until the end of the year.


Muji A5 dotted notebook – Zebra Mildliner highlighters – Tombow brush pen (black) – Uni pen (black) – Muji gel pen (blue black)



My 2017 Goals list 🙂


My 2017 Budget list/ money tracker page. I have yet to complete this page. 🙂


Monthly overview


December overview


January dashboard


And my weekly layout for the month of January. I’m not sure yet but I think I’ll be varying my layout per month. We’ll see. Everything will depend on my mood. Haha!


That’s all folks! I do hope I will really stick to bullet journaling this year.

Have a nice day!

Aral sa Akala

Sa payapang lugar, ako’y nangupo,
Muling siniyasat ang aking puso.
Matagal-tagal na ako’y umasa.
Iyon pala’y isa lamang akala.

Bawat tagpo ay puno ng pangako.
Saglitang sulyap, tila nanunuyo.
Sa’king pang-unawa ay ikaw na nga.
Naglaro lang pala itong tadhana.

Salamat na rin sapagkat natuto,
Natutong maghintay ng dahil sa’yo.
Ang hatid mo ay higit pa sa saya,
Naging sangkap nang ako’y magtiwala.

‘Di man alam kung saan ka nagtungo.
Salamat dahil ako ay lumago.
Hanggang sa muli nating pagkikita,
Ikaw na isang aral sa akala.


If you’re curious, here’s the first poem I wrote for him. (Click here.)

Ikaw Na Ba?

Hindi maalala kung kailan unang nakita.
Hindi alam kung paano nagsimula.
Noo’y isa lamang sa maraming mukha.
Ngayon tanong ko’y ikaw na ba?

Sa paglipas ng araw,
Katauhan mo’y wala pa ring linaw.
Ngunit t’wing ika’y natatanaw,
Puso ko’y natutunaw.

Nagdaan ang maraming buwan,
Tila may iba ng nararamdaman.
Hindi man alam ang iyong pangalan,
Bakit nga ba ‘di natin simulan?

Araw-araw ako’y umaasa.
Sa gabi’y hiling-hiling ka.
Nais na ikaw ay makilala.
Panalangin ko’y sana ikaw na nga.

A poem I wrote for BPI guy.