Bolinao, Pangasinan Photo Diary

May 14-15: Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines

One of my goals in 2016 is to travel more and experience the beauty of my country- its places and cultures. Earlier this year, my friends and I had quick escapades in Laguna (Cuyab Hot Spring Resort, Aliw Falls and Hulugan Falls). This time, we headed north- Bolinao, Pangasinan.

patar white beach 1

patar white beach 2Patar White Beach at daybreak.

We arrived in Bolinao at around 4 AM. It was dark then. But at around 6 AM, we were greeted by this beautiful view! If we weren’t pressed for time, I would be just sitting there with my journal and perhaps a book. Maybe some other time…

bolinao falls 1Our first destination was Bolinao Falls 1. We just visited the place and took pictures. After that, we headed to Bolinao Falls 3.

bolinao falls 3 aWe spent a few hours in Bolinao Falls 3 to swim and cliff dive. That was my first time to jump off a “small” cliff. Thank goodness for life vest!

bolinao falls 3 b

cape bolinao 1Our next stop was Cape Bolinao lighthouse. It was a quick visit before heading back to our cottage (in Patar Beach) to have some rest.

cape bolinao 2

polipol island hopping 4At around 4:30 PM, we rode a small boat and went to Polipol Island.

polipol island hopping 3

polipol island hopping 2

polipol island hopping 1 On our way back to Patar Beach…

patar beach sunsetView of sunset from our cottage

After our trip to Polipol Island, we spent some time at the beach then had our dinner.

patar beach cottageWe left Patar Beach at around 8 AM the next day. I’m going to miss the place. I do wish we had more time to just unwind, relax and reflect.

st james parish church bolinao 1The bus station is in the town proper, so we had a quick visit at St. James Parish Church.

st james parish church bolinao 2

bolinao town hall
Bolinao Town Hall

That’s all for our quick trip! I hope there will be more travel soon this year!


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